Social Interaction

Since our foundation, consideration for co-workers, business partners and the society around us has been of great importance for us. That same approach characterizes our operations today. Here we present a few examples of activities and organisations that we support financially or by other means. We are primarily involved in three areas: disaster relief, support to medical science and treatments and support to children and youth.


The Royal Opera

Wallenius Lines is a Royal Opera partner and support Young at the Opera’s pedagogical work with and for the schools. Since 2015, our financial support has targeted projects run with schools outside Stockholm. Completely new artistic activities have been integrated in the curriculum when students and teachers have had the opportunity to cooperate with educators and artists from the Royal Opera, covering issues such as escape, alienation and diversity.

Report from the collaboration between Young at the Opera and Smedshagsskolan in Stockholm (In Swedish only) PDF

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Karolinska Institutet

Early in the 2000s, Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet was able to use a large donation from Wallenius Lines to invest in two modern robotically-assisted surgery systems. These were initially used for heart surgery but moved to the Urology Department for surgery on, for example, prostate cancer. In 2013, a second large donation was made to Karolinska Institutet enabling them to acquire another two robotically-assisted surgery systems.


Disaster relief

For many years, we have supported a number of aid organisations. Following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, we coordinated this aid and we now make annual donations to the various disaster relief funds of Save the Childrenthe Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières. The funds need money and we feel that these organisations are better placed to decide when, how and for which disasters the money is used.


Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Our involvement with the voluntary organisation SSRS has a long history and is equally encompassing today. Over the years, we have supplemented the Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s fleet with two sea rescue cruisers, the Signe Wallenius and the Olof Wallenius, stationed at Öregrund Sea Rescue Station and Falkenberg Sea Rescue Station respectively. A few years ago, sea rescue operations at Lake Mälaren were expanded with the hovercraft Mats Kleberg, which can be used all year round. Small, fast MOB boats originating from Wallenius-owned vessels, have continuously been donated to sea rescue stations around the coast of Sweden.



Over the years, our co-workers have been involved as teachers and supervisors on board m/s Shamrock, a small vessel that for more than 40 years has sailed with youths in the summertime. Through annual financial support and targeted donations, we have contributed to the continuation of these youth activities and sailings.


Education in the Philippines

In 2005, we became involved in a unique school project run by the Philippine state. The school, which has 1,800 pupils, is located in the province of Cavite, south of Metro Manila, and is called Maragondon Elementary School. Each year, we donate money to construct and equip a new classroom.